Helping Everyday People Achieve The Goal Of Home Ownership

Helping people from all walks of life in the Calgary area who have a steady income achieve the goal of home ownership.

Who Are We Able To Help?

Insufficient Down Payment

We realize that it is difficult for people to try and save 5%-10% for a down payment on their own home, especially with todays rising costs. Calgary ren tto buy works with you to achieve that goal over time. This timeframe will be developed to ensure the monthly costs are affordable for your situation

Bad Credit

Our team of credit repair specialists will work with you throughout the term to design a manageable plan to improve your credit to a point where the banks will happily approve you for your own mortgage.

Self Employed

Entrepreneurs are the backbone of our society. Calgary rent to buy understand the hurdles they face in trying to achieve home ownership and we are able to help reward their dedication by helping them achieve that goal.


A divorce can seem insurmountable in getting your life back on track. Let Calgary ren tto buy show you that it doesn’t have to be that way. Let us help you back onto the path of home ownership and the next stage of your life.

New Canadians

Sometimes having no credit is worse than having bad credit. Let us at Calgary rent to buy help you develop established credit in the shortest time possible so you can complete your goal of becoming a homeowner in your new country of choice!

Bankruptcy Or Consumer Proposal

A persons current credit situation is not as important as their dedication and commitment to working with us to achieve home ownership. Everyone deserves a second chance to come back from a bad economic situation. Let Calgary rent to buy help you in that direction.

Let’s Get The Application Process Started

As we work with you, we will go through your income situation and examine your credit to make the perfect plan for you, in order to collect any additional benefits eligible to you. We will also help to improve your current credit score to help in eventually qualifying for a mortgage you can work with.

Even though the process of qualifying for a mortgage will not happen right away, with our help, it will usually happen within 2-3 years or so for most people we work with. The biggest benefit of this system to you is that you can love living in your own home of your dreams while saving up the money to pay for it just a few short years later! Don’t Throw your Money away! Rent 2 Own today!

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How Our Program Works

5 steps to Home Ownership with Calgary rent to buy

submit an application

Submit an Application
Complete the Pre-Qualification Application to help us make sure that you’re financially ready and prepared to start reaching for your goal. You can fill out our basic application or speak with our Live Assistant “AL” above.

Start Home Shopping

Now it is time to partner up with one of our local Real Estate agents to find a home that fits your needs in the neighborhood of your choice. The fun part!

Move Into The House

We’ll buy your house with a Right to Purchase agreement, you only pay rent and repair your credit until you’re ready. You are not locked into any contract.

Begin to Create Memories in Your New Home!

You will be able to personalize your new home as soon as you move in. This is not a typical rental, it will be your future home. For the next 2-3 years we will work with you to save in your required down payment and correct any credit issues that are preventing you from being approved for a mortgage.

You Own The Home

Once your credit and down payment situation is where it needs to be, one of our mortgage brokers will assist you in acquiring the best mortgage available for you to begin your life as a new home owner!

Why Us


Here's how it works, in order to to get into your own home. They are:

Let’s Get The Application Process Started