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With our program,there is now a way that you can buy the house that you want, even though for whatever reasons, you are not eligible at the moment for a decent mortgage. With the constantly changing mortgage rules the banks are turning down a large group of people with less-than-perfect credit who are trying to get a mortgage. These are capable and hard-working people, like yourself who should be owning their own home rather than renting.

our program
The good news

The good news is that you can get started right away. We have a group of people on our Team that work with you to help make this a reality. There are many benefits to home ownership, but the major one is the equity you are building due to the price appreciation. Living in Calgary and surrounding area, you have seen the growth attributed to the oil and gas industry, and with it, the increase in house prices. With our Rent To Own program we are able to help you get into a home of your own and start building equity for yourself. With Alberta starting to recover from the last few years of economic uncertainty, now is the time to finally become a homeowner !!

As we work with you, we will go through your income situation and examine your credit to make the perfect plan for you, in order to collect any additional benefits eligible to you. We will also help to improve your current credit score to help in eventually qualifying for a mortgage you can work with.

Your Income
the process

Even though the process of qualifying for a mortgage will not happen right away, with our help, it will usually happen within 2-4 years or so for most people we work with. The biggest benefit of this system to you is that you can love living in your own home of your dreams while saving up the money to pay for it just a few short years later!

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Why should you consider rent to owning out your property?

1.  Virtually worry and hassle free
property ownership:

  • Unlike traditional rental properties, you have a tenant who genuinely cares about the house and will take care of it because they will be the

  • All of your ownership costs (mortgage, property taxes, etc.) are covered      

  • fREE property management – we manage the property for you! We find the clients, manage all of the paperwork, and take care of all minor maintenance issues

2.  You come out ahead financially

  • Fair market value – At the beginning of the term we sit down and determine what the fair market price is for your home – and then we sign on to buy the house from you at that price. So all through the term of the lease, you know exactly how much you will receive at the end of it.

  • No realtor fees – We are not realtors; there are no associated commissions or fees cutting into your bottom line. The price we agree on is the price you get.

  • Monthly cashflow – The monthly lease payment covers your ownership costs and then some.

  • Mortgage paydown – Keep in mind that throughout the term of the lease not only are all of your ownership costs being covered but your mortgage is getting paid down at the same time – increasing your profit from what you would have got if you sold today.

3. You ‘re helping people!

Most of our clients have gone through some sort of difficulty in their lives and are unable to obtain traditional financing . They want to own a home but the banks won’t give them a mortgage because they don’t meet the growing list of criteria that is required. You will have a key role in helping these people achieve their dream of owning a home of their own

Benefits of investing with Calgary Rent To Buy


Are you unhappy with your investment returns from mutual funds and the stock market? Not satisfied with the low returns on GIC’s and Canada savings bonds? My company, Tanjad Investments, helps everyday people achieve double digit returns through investments backed by Real Estate, without “tenant and toilet” headaches. 

My team and I have a proven 6 step system that generates above average returns for our investors who have a “totally hands free” involvement and a return of 100% of their capital in 2-4 years. The return generated from your initial capital investment is also taxed as capital gains rather than interest which will save you half of the taxes you would otherwise pay. Some of our investments are also RRSP eligible.

Here's how it works, in order to get into your own home. They are:

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