Frequently Ask Questions

The option fee serves two purposes. First, it is security for us. We are purchasing a home for you and thus are assuming a sizable risk. Secondly, it will make up a portion of your downpayment at the end of the contract term.

Rental credits are the amount you will be paying each month above your normal rent amount. These credits will accumulate over the length of the contract and will be added to your option amount to enable you to have a sufficient downpayment when you apply for a traditional mortgage.

You may walk away at any time………but as our agreement states, the option fee and rental credits are non-refundable so you will lose your money. This program is only a win-win if we see you successfully transition to a 100% owner of the house that you have chosen. That is our main goal.

Here's how it works, in order to get into your own home. They are:

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