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This is your asset, your hopes, and your dreams. Memories were created in this place. Good laughs and sad cries were exchanged. It was here that gave birth to a new goal that you have to reach. Now, you have decided that selling this property will give way to reaching that goal. By partnering with us, we are committed to protecting your best interests. We will deliver what is rightly yours. And we would only work with you in creating solutions that best serves your needs.


With our program,there is now a way that you can buy the house that you want, even though for whatever reasons, you are not eligible at the moment for a decent mortgage. With the constantly changing mortgage rules the banks are turning down a large group of people with less-than-perfect credit who are trying to get a mortgage. These are capable and hard-working people, like yourself who should be owning their own home rather than renting.

The good news is that you can get started right away. We have a group of people on our Team that work with you to help make this a reality. There are many benefits to home ownership, but the major one is the equity you are building due to the price appreciation. Living in Calgary and surrounding area, you have seen the growth attributed to the oil and gas industry, and with it, the increase in house prices. With our Rent To Own program we are able to help you get into a home of your own and start building equity for yourself. With Alberta starting to recover from the last few years of economic uncertainty, now is the time to finally become a homeowner !!

As we work with you, we will go through your income situation and examine your credit to make the perfect plan for you, in order to collect any additional benefits eligible to you. We will also help to improve your current credit score to help in eventually qualifying for a mortgage you can work with.

Even though the process of qualifying for a mortgage will not happen right away, with our help, it will usually happen within 2-4 years or so for most people we work with. The biggest benefit of this system to you is that you can love living in your own home of your dreams while saving up the money to pay for it just a few short years later!

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